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Defending child protection and medical criminal legal matters 
Defending the falsely accused

Are you having issues with a child protection authority such as NSW’s FACS (formerly DOCS)?
Does your child have ongoing medical issues of concern to a child protection authority?
Have you been charged with a criminal offence in relation to your child’s illness or injury?
Have you received an inaccurate psychiatric or psychological report in the children’s, family law or criminal courts?
Or are you having general difficulties with a child protection authority?


Michael Nott offers defence of medical child abuse. This includes Munchausen syndrome by proxy, factitious disorder by proxy, fabricated illness, shaken baby syndrome and multiple cot deaths. Michael Nott deconstructs adverse medical evidence and obtains appropriate medical defence on your behalf.

Mobile: 0420 295 903

Michael Nott operates as a sole legal practitioner, offering legal service for his clients at a reasonable cost.  His primary focus is justice and the needs of the client.  He is independent and does not work for any child protection agency.

Michael practices in the child protection, criminal and family law jurisdictions, with a specific emphasis on medical and scientific evidence.  Whilst Michael is based in the Blue Mountains west of Sydney, he defends matters in regional and city centres across all states in Australia.  Michael can also be a consultant to overseas lawyers.

Michael has a particular interest in medical evidence law and has experience in defending clients who have been accused of harming their children in a medical context, most usually in relation to ‘Munchausen by Proxy’ (medical child abuse, Factitious Disorder Imposed Upon Another) and ‘shaken baby syndrome’.  However, his work is not limited to these specific areas of medical theory.

The earlier you get a competent lawyer involved, the better chance you have of defending a matter.  Defending allegations involving medical matters in the criminal, family and children’s courts can be extremely difficult and challenging.

This website is for informational purposes only and does not constitute legal advice.

Michael has a high level of integrity and honesty.  He always treats us with respect and dignity.  He explains things in layman’s terms that we can understand and breaks it down so we can understand it.  He goes the extra mile.  He is committed and has extensive knowledge of our case.  He is willing to stand up for his client and fight for his client.

He has a strong work ethic as well as being an ethical practitioner.

“Lorraine” (TASMANIA)

Michael is one of the most honest and kind solicitors I know.

He has been respectful of my situation and has taken the time to explain the law in a way that is easily understood.  His forensic and laborious approach to my case and his knowledge of case law has been wonderful.  I appreciate his sound advice and his caring attitude towards me as his client.

“Unity” (NSW)