Michael Nott takes a detailed and forensic approach to his cases, utilising a wide network of Australian and overseas experts or consultants.  Where appropriate, Michael may create a formidable legal team tailor designed for each particular matter, utilising specific legal expertise.  Michael is also able to provide consultancy services to his professional colleagues, whose clients face these types of medical allegations.

With a particular interest in justice, he will work to achieve the best possible legal outcomes for his clients.  He fully understands the prejudice many clients face in relation to allegations in the medical context.  He guides his clients through the distressing court process through the combination of strategy and determined advocacy.

Often individuals facing allegations involving complex medical or scientific material feel overwhelmed by the sheer complexity and quantity of the evidence involved, at the same time as they are suffering severe emotional distress.  Michael will liaise with relevant and medical consultants and experts either in Australia or overseas (USA and UK) to make sense of this material for the court process.

Michael is fully aware of the importance of trust between a lawyer and client, and the fact that a client depends on his representation of their matter.  For these reasons, he endeavours to represent his clients in person or with the assistance of a barrister.  He keeps clients informed of developments in their cases and makes sure that they fully understand the processes and case strategy which are occurring.

Michael came to the practice of law later in life, having previously worked in the media, including a stint as media advisor to the Chief Justice of the Family Court of Australia.  For these reasons, he often operates in a different manner to other lawyers.  Michael graduated in law from Macquarie University and achieved his ANU practising certificate with merit.

Michael has a passion for the law, with an intense interest in the need for meticulous examination of evidence and the role this plays in relation to justice.  With his background in media, Michael is fully equipped to understand and manage the role of the media in cases that attract the media spotlight.

Michael always remains cognisant of the impact of serious allegations on the lives of his clients and their extended families.  Michael is determined in his representation of clients, fighting hard so that his clients can reclaim their lives.  He remains committed and acts with empathy in the care of his clients.