Michael Nott’s approach prioritises communication with the client.

He will answer emails, telephone calls and text messages in a prompt and courteous manner.  Michael believes it is important to spend time with clients discussing their matter, as important information is often revealed during these detailed discussions.  For these reasons, he limits the number of clients he will defend at any one time.

He keeps clients informed of developments in their cases and makes sure that they fully understand the processes which are occurring.  He is particular about receiving client instructions and will also update clients regularly in terms of costs.

Michael provides comprehensive cost agreements for his clients, as required by the Legal Profession Uniform Law (NSW).  He will also fully inform clients about the need for medical expert witnesses and senior counsel where he feels this is necessary in any particular case.

Michael is happy to meet with clients for a first consultation without cost or obligation.

Any information provided, either in our contact form or via phone, will be treated strictly privately and in confidence. We will endeavour to respond to your emails as soon as possible.

Michael Nott LLB
Michael Nott Lawyer
PO Box 934
Katoomba NSW 2780
+61 (0)420 295 903